Welcome To Eddon Systems Consulting

A Different Way To Do It!

If you are looking for a huge consulting firm, where you have to wade through the Sales Manager and Project Manager before you can actually talk to the guy thats doing the work, you have come to the wrong place.  The exit door is at your top left.

Why It's Broken

IT Consulting is trapped in the design of large corporate policies and big business.  Traditionally, it was nearly impossible for the little guy to present themselves to business in a way that was cost effective, and so the only recourse was consulting firms.  Someone has to pay the firm!  If you would rather have a closer working relationship and individualized treatment, then you have a found a home.  No matter what the project, I will find some way to help you or recommend someone that can do it better than myself.

Let's Fix It

First, let's start by getting rid of the string of extra people that often don't even know software from hardware (Yes, I had a recruiter that told me that the hardware his client used was "Linux", and when I said, "No, What hardware?", he said, "Python!")   Next,  bill by the job, not by the hour, so everyone is on the same page (hourly rates are available if you prefer).  If the work is done slower, you are already behind schedule.  You shouldn't have to pay extra for that!  Finally, the job should come with a warranty!


All custom software or server configuration is guaranteed to continue functioning across reboots and software upgrades for a minimum of 1 year (longer durations available).  This guarantee is void if you have installed cPanel or otherwise bypass your system's package manager, or you make edits directly related to the package under warranty.  Like your new cellphone; its covered for general use and OTA updates, but if you take a screwdriver to it, you are on your own.   As long as you upgrade through the package manager, you are covered.  If you find a bug in a package I wrote or maintain, it's covered under warranty!