Eddon Systems now supports an alternate ROM for the OnePlus ONE mobile phone.   The primary developer's methods focus on making the code more efficient, rather than adding flashy cruft or over or underclocking.   This is my daily driver and I felt it would be more useful to provide developer support rather than money.  Time is often the resource in shortest supply.

We'll be repackaging the ROM code into a format that is slightly easier to work with, including a lot of new features (including custom Edify scripting), triaging bugs, end-user support, and may be looking into kernel modifications and/or an OTA updater in the very near future.

If you have a OnePlus One and want to flash the ROM, you can get it from the WildLife folder of our Download section or from the XDA thread.  All questions and comments should go to the XDA thread, which can be found here: The WildLife OnePlus ROM