What's happening at Eddon Systems?

This showcases changes to the website and company in general that are not affiliated with a specific project. You'll also see major projects get mention here.

Works in Progress

Eddon Systems works on various projects. Some of these projects are the proprietary property of the customer and will only show up if you are the customer and logged into the site and wish to recieve an RSS NewsFeed of updates. Open-source projects, sponsored by a customer or myself will be shown here as well as personal projects just so you can see what I do and can check it out yourself.

Event Driven Dynamic Object Networks

EDDON is the programming language that I always wanted. It's designed to combine the speed of scripting languages with the power, expressability, and safety of real programming languages. It is not Yet Another Programming Language. It's design emphasis is completely different. It is most similar to SmallTalk, but without a "world" (it uses an object database most similar to Java's package domain, but less tedious and more intelligent on management. However, the syntax is more-or-less reversed from SmallTalk. Eddon is "verb first" with all parameters passed by name (operators default the names so you don't clutter math expressions) which results in a very natural language that mimics spoken languages (or at least English).

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