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It would be easier and cheaper to simply use a shared hosting provider with some easy point-n-click interface. In fact, if you are a small company and just need a simple website, I would recommend this option to you as well. Getting a real server and having an admin configure every last detail can be expensive. However, when you need to do something beyond a website and email at your domain, a shared web hosting provider doesn't always scale well!

This website is intentionally a bit flashier than I would ordinarily recommend, and its not full of stock photos of computers and politically correct, racially and gender-mixed people in suits. Instead, I wanted to show off a bit and put more effects in than may ordinarily be sensible, and did all the artwork myself. The surreal imagery is hopefully reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. All photos were taken by me (actually my heavily hot-rodded One Plus One phone) and editted in Gimp. The Joomla template and its CSS were done by hand with vi.

Feel free to contact me about how these technologies can work for your business as well!

Here is a partial list of the technologies used on this site:

funtooEddon Systems proudly sponsors the Funtoo Linux project, a meta-distribution of Linux based on the BSD Ports system that allows for total customization and stability because it is built from scratch.
tengineTengine is a fork of the Nginx web server, a sleek Event-Driven web server based on epoll() rather than a massive number of threads. We get an A+ rating on SSL Labs Testing Site. Additionally, we fully support Google's SPDY protocol as shown on SPDYCheck.org
joomlaJoomla is a content management system, and we use a home-grown template built from scratch.  PHP-FPM brings PHP to Tengine without the overhead of CGI.  It also caches the compiled PHP to avoid the parse/compile steps at every page fetch. Communication is over Unix domain sockets for speed and security.
postfixThe postfix MTA is incredibly fast and powerful.  It's currently using MariaDb as a backend but I would recommend an ldap layer for larger installations. All mail transfer is secure, no open-relays, and IMAP and Webmail are both supported over SSL. Use any Email app or plain web browser. Check it on MX ToolBox.com
dovecotMail is delivered safely as securely using Dovecot's IMAP over SSL software. Additionally, there is full support for server-side Sieve filtering and mail processing, and sub-addressing (username+sub). A complete how-to is coming. For now, read more on DoveCot
pgpSSL only protects your mail in transit, and some sites will actually receive your mail via SSL and then send it out over plain text! And SSL doesn't stop someone from reading it off your hard drive or off the server its sitting on. It's also VERY easy to forge email headers and make you think an email is from someone it isn't. The solution is GNU Privacy Guard which uses the same encryption technology as PGP, except that there are no corporate back-doors. If you are tired of Big Brother and Google reading your mail, encrypt it! You'll find my public key on key-servers, or download it here!
apgEncrypted email is pointless if you can't get to it from anywhere, and PGP/GPG support has been lax and somewhat difficult to configure in the past. Now, thanks to Android Privacy Guard, you can get this security right on your cell phone! I recommend K-9 (open-source) or K-@ (commercial, but the one I currently use) for seemless integration with APG.
roundcubeBusinesses often find it difficult to support every different email client that someone wants to use. Even if you decide to only support a single client, you now have to deal with different operating systems and devices. One solution is to use a webmail client, which means you don't even need to deal the end user's machines at all. One such client, RoundCube, offers full support for folder management, management of Sieve filters, and most features you would expect of a full-featured desktop client. In fact, its much more capable than most clients. Worried about maintaining a corporate brand? No problem. Check out our own email page - >>Do not try to log in, please!<<