Welcome Beta Testers!

First, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to run this program through it's paces and put an important device like your OnePlus phone at risk.  Unlike other programs you might download for your phone, this one not only uses root access, but intentionally has to bypass some messed up security (see FAQ; link below), and then attempts to automatically flash files to your phone without you touching it.  Yes, many of these features can be disabled and put under manual control, but I need the automatics tested as much as the manual ones.


If the last statement didn't scare you into backing up your phone before you try this program, then please email me and let me know you won't be testing the software.   I will not take responsibility if your phone bricks, bursts into flames, deletes all your data, or starts texting your ex at 2am while you're drunk.  While I prefer to use Backup+, a Nandroid backup might be better in certain situations since it can restore your phone to exactly where it was without any manual intervention.  You should also have a working "adb" and "fastboot" in case you need to force files to an unbooting phone or reflash your recovery (in case you flash something over it).   Also have a copy of Cuscus.zip (or Badger.zip) and a Lollipop GApps in case you need to do a full reinstall.  You have been warned.   

 That said, I didn't do Nandroid since a clean flash and reinstall can help clean up the cruft from all my testing (although I still backup important files and my apps).  And I honestly don't expect too many problems.   The worst problem is merging Linux cron and Android together and making it launch at the right times.  Don't expect this to work right if you cross into a new timezone.   Cron was never designed for a server that can move.

Please Read The ZooKeeper FAQ!


If you can crash it, repeat the steps and tell me what you did.  This includes erroneous behaviors.  And run CatLog when you repeat the steps (its already installed for you).  Start a recording (hit Menu key and select Record) and when complete, stop the recording, Zip the file, and send it to me.

File Manager

It may be helpful to have a good file manager, especially if you need to look at the OpenRecovery scripts before you reboot.  You should also know how to delete the script to prevent your phone from being flashed when you reboot to recovery.  The script is in "/cache/recovery".  I use the FX File Manager and I can't say enough about it.  You can turn on a grid mode that shows permissions (very useful for this project), and you can turn on "Filesystems" icon that will show you all your devices File systems, such as /cache.  Open FX, touch menu > Settings > Home Screen > Customize, then add FileSystems under Utilities (personally, I turn it all on), click OK.  You can now open FileSystems icon, then touch /cache, then Root Tools button, and Open (as root).   

During the course of testing, I may need you to delete files and directories as root from /system/etc, or check permissions on your sdcard (which means you have to access it as /data/media/0 as root instead of under /sdcard or /storage).  Having a quality File Manager that is intuitive can minimize your chances of royally messing up your device by doing the wrong thing.  I love FX because its powerful and fast, but safe.

Things To Test

First, turn on all the switches and if you are on Badger, see if you are on Cuscus the next day!  You can tell just by opening ZooKeeper and looking the background.  You should also test manual fetches, and I would like a few people to backup, then install Aardvark, and either click "Fetch ROM" or throw all the switches on and let it run automatically.  This should download both the Badger and Cuscus upgrades and flash them both.   

You can tell ZooKeeper you are on an older ROM which can be good for testing or other reasons.  Open Settings, then type the name (initial capital, the rest lowercase) into the "Force Release" box.  This will change what ZooKeeper thinks is your current release until you re-run the program or until you open Settings again.  I would hesitate to set this to Aardvark and let it update.  While Cuscus should be harmless to install multiple times, I don't like the idea of flashing the Badger update over Cuscus.  The way I do updates should make this possible, but the one time I tried it, I ended up with a bootloop.   Incidently, if you set "Force Release", then the OpenRecovery script will wipe cache and dalvik cache after flashing and you'll have to wait for the infamous "Optimizing Apps" screen.  This is a safety feature.  Upgrades don't otherwise wipe anything at all. 

Test the adblocker control.  I most often use the 15-second "pause" feature (long press the switch), but I also have various sites whitelisted and blacklisted.  The 15 second pause probably doesn't need any testing since I use it all the time!  You'll have to switch tasks fast.  I use OmniSwitch (which is its built in).

Test cron!  Don't know how?  Some sample cron scripts are installed that display a simple notification that opens the cron log.   You can use scripts to do anything, and integration with Android is accomplished via Intents.  Its a very powerful system.   If you've never written a shell script, just make sure that the notifications come up when they are supposed to.

Future Use

If you speak more than one language, I would like to add translations to this app.  Let me know what languages you speak, and once I move the rest of the strings out of the code and into the "strings.xml" file, I can send you the file and you can translate it and send it back.   Android will pick the correct strings.xml file when you run the program.

Once you are comfortable that things are working correctly, definately open Settings > SuperSU  and Disable the notifications for ZooKeeper.  I'm sure you are tired of all the stupid notices.  You can do the same for ShowOnLockscreen (my app to change your lockscreen's wallpaper).

This will be included in a future ROM release, certainly built in to my Marshmallow builds as a system app once Marshmallow stabilizes enough for me to consider it.  As a system app, it will get upgraded with the ROM.