EDDON was originally about a programming idea.  It was about things being tangible and concrete, about being "event-driven" so that things can interact appropriately rather than fight with each other, and about dynamic environments that can change with demands from moving targets.   Today, EDDON is a philosphy of how business should be done and not just some Geek's idea about how to develop code.



  • Web Design   Look Around!  Other examples include Wooden Log Homes, or the solution to Responsive Tables, and the best sites are still waiting on your input.  All designs are responsive without fixed or maximum size and scale as you resize your browser!
  • Linux Administration   From administrative work to best-practices and software installation, EDDON can do it all and do it right.   Feel free to check out Stupid Admin Tricks, a blog with useful Linux/Unix tips.
  • Development   It doesn't matter if its something in C or Java or PERL or Javascript.  EDDON will use the best tools for the job at hand for custom solutions, be it custom additions to projects such as L2TPNS, or full blown screen-scraping and web-scraping projects involving a client-server scalability.  You imagine it, EDDON gets it done.
  • Android   EDDON can do most Android apps.  We do not currently offer development for Apple's iOS platform, but check out some of the screenshots below if you want to see the detail used in our apps.
  • Embedded   From custom Android ROMs (such as the WildLife ROM) to BeagleBones and other Geek toys.   We even have experience with real embedded systems such as custom RTOS systems running on TI's msp430

All work is covered under our Mission Statement!