The WebSite is online and operational .. barely but its up with the custom EddonAlice template

Custom Template Design!

Yes, the site is over-the-top and in-your-face.  It's not at all the subdued business-like site that you expect.  Instead, I wanted to pack more in and show what you can do with a responsive, mobile-first wehsite.  The the "bling" is pure CSS, not Javascript.  So, subdued and professional is easy (I recommend the look & feel of Android's material interface guidelines since a large portion of the population is used to seeing that).  When you need a site to showcase something really unique and creative, consider this site a demonstration.  So, don't expect it to be tuned down.  I'm adding more!  Wait to see what I have planned!

I wasn't originally intending to do a custom template from scratch. I certainly didn't know Joomla that well. I also wanted things to be different, such as a menu on the bottom that is always displayed in a fixed position, but I also wanted the system to dynamically resize the site and not display a tiny window in the center of your browser with a bunch of wasted space on the sides. I hate that!  From those goals, I decided to go a bit further and change the motif completely.  It's still only half-way there.

Go ahead and resize this window. If you do it slowly, you'll see it subtly change the layout, arrangement, margins, and even fonts. If you are on a mobile, rotate your screen. Some of the animations are a bit jumpy on mobile firefox, but chrome works. Leave me feedback if you use an Apple product or IE. Safari should works as well as Chrome and IE seems to work except for the glow effects. I could probably fix it, but their are more reasons for to get a better browser than for me to fix that one issues.